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Representing and Advocating for Minority Healthcare Issues

The goal of the SNBNA is to practice our motto: "Black Nurses Nuturing the Community". We have heightened awareness of modifiable risk factors for diseases that disproportionately affect the minority community through an increase effort to work collaboratively with other organizations and groups whose focus is on health care.   We have been ab le to accomplish this task through numerous community presentations and participation on many committees and health fairs.

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     The provision for the enjoyment of optimal health is the birthright of every American.  Major health interest groups and governmental agencies believe that and act upon it. 

     Yet, Black Americans, along with other minority groups in our society, are by design or neglect are excluded from the means to achieve access to health care services of mainstream America.
     Therefore, we as Black Nurses have established a national organization to investigate, define and determine what the healthcare needs of Black Americans are, and implement changes that will make available to Black Americans and other minorities healthcare commensurate with that of the larger society.
     Black nurses have the understanding, knowledge, interest, concern and experience to make a significant difference in the healthcare status of the Black community.



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p.o. Box 270586
Las Vegas, Nevada 89127

Annual NBNA Conference 2012
July 24 - July 27, 2012
Orlando, Florida

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By joining our volunteer list, you will have the opportunity to participate:

  • In various Community Healthcare Events
  • Senior Outreach Programs
  • Health Education Programs
  • Health Screening.
  • Volunteers in community events; Greeters, Host, Hospitality
To join, please contact us by email, call or send us a postcard.

SNBNA is a chapter of the National Black Nurses Association